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Magazine of the Week

March 14, 2008

Points off for Continental for making a bad day in the air a bit worse.

Big kudos to Doubldown Media and Jim Dunning for having the good fortune and brains to partner with publisher (and Mets/Phillies great) Lenny Dykstra on The Players Club magazine.

Good points to BusinessWeek for the Jon Fine-hosted session at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit, The Future of News.

Big ups to ESPN the Magazine for throwing the Party for the Mag‘s 10th anni. Great party. Great milestone. And, as Steven Binder, helmer of the whole shebang, told me after the fact: “It was a great night for the magazine.”

Ladies’ Home Journal strikes again with a perfectly positioned brand builder in its series of power lunches, this time with Valerie Bertinelli, newly-minted best-selling author as the main attraction.

IDG does it again at the Neals, this time with CSO.

And, last but not least, thanks, Sky, for giving me back the few hours that air travel might have stolen from my life if you didn’t exist (real kudos to Pace Communications for putting it all together).

In the end, which is the magazine of the week? Drum-roll, please….

It’s gotta be Doubledown’s The Players Club Magazine. What a cool idea. And this 20,000 controlled circ list is going to push Doubledown’s already gaudy demo numbers completely off the charts.

Until next week, buckos.


Blueprint: The Story Behind the Folding wasn’t So (Real) Simple

February 11, 2008

More from the D+P conference (just one more coming, kids, I promise).

PaidContent’s Rafat Ali interviewed MSLO’s president of media, Wenda Harris Millard. According to Millard, the “cost of acquiring a subscriber” in the “web-centric” 25-39 female demo that Blueprint was after was the reason for the mag’s demise. Apparently, it wasn’t the enormously successful Real Simple.

Perhaps stating the obvious (but from a more credible source than average), Millard added: “It’s a very difficult time to launch a magazine.”