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Penton Ad Page Woes

April 25, 2008

As we talked about last week, Penton Media — like so many other trade media companies right now — is having some challenged times. After the jump is a massive, massive chart of the company’s first quarter 2008 ad page numbers, hot off the presses; almost 80 books! If you don’t feel like clicking one, little button, I’ll give you the big number up front: -6.49. I didn’t say I’d tell you what it meant. Enjoy.



Reed Building & Construction Books Weather First Part of Housing Storm

April 15, 2008

From their high of over 2,000,000 in 2005, housing starts are projected to be a dismal 1.24 million in 2008.  This is according to the National Association of Realtors.  The US Government has provided a less-rosy outlook, with a monthly annual rate that dips below 1,000,000 in April 2008 and continues to decrease through August, the lost month for which there is a projection.

Yet, Reed’s Building & Construction group was resilient in 2007.  See the numbers below.

Reed Business Information Building and Construction ad page numbers

Reed Business & Printing Group Hangs Tough in 2007

April 14, 2008

Reed Business Information Business & Publishing Ad Page Numbers

Design News Gains Ad Pages Over Rival Machine Design in Otherwise Dismal Year in Ad Pages for RBI’s Manufacturing Group

April 8, 2008

The one bright spot in a year that saw Reed Business Information’s manufacturing group shed about 7.5% of its ad pages from the previous year (see chart below) is that not only did the flagship book, Design News, gain ad pages in a very challenged year for the rest of the manufacturing brands, but it also gained major market share against its main rival, Penton’s Machine DesignMachine Design went from 2,118.65 ad pages in 2006 to 1,894.24 in 2007 for a 10.59% plunge.  Meanwhile, Design News increased its total from 2006 of 1,638.56 to 1,676.79 in 2007 (38.23 pages, 2.33% increase).  That translates into a market share increase of 3.4 points, from 43.6% to almost 47%.

Aside from Design News gaining pages and valuable market share, the rest of the manufacturing group that I follow was in the red.  Without the contributions of Design News, the group was down 11.11%, as opposed to the 7.5% drop with Design News.

Reed Business Information Manufacturing group ad page numbers

(Apologies for the sloppy chart.)

RBI Media Group Hit Hard in 2007

April 7, 2008

Not a single book I took a look at in the Reed Business Information Media & Publishing group made gains in ad pages in 2007. Video Business had the best year, only losing 5 ad pages for a negligible .5% decrease. The TV group (Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News) were hit hardest, both down circa 20% for a total of 506 pages lost since 2006. This is the market that saw the print death of Access Intelligence’s Cable World in 2007 (full disclosure: AI was my previous employer).

The Variety group all told lost about 800 pages, going from about 8,000 in 2006 to about 7,000 in 2007. Though I did not reach out to any of the magazines’ publishers (owing to not wanting to complicate the lives of anyone going through a sales process at a public company), I hear that 2008 is a more challenged year in all of these categories. I’ll have the first quarter Reed numbers for you soon.

Reed Business Information Media Group Numbers

RBI Gifts & Furnishings Group is Down 2.42% in 2007

April 1, 2008

What caused Home Textiles Today to grow in 2007 while Home Accents Today and Furniture Today shrank?  You would think that because of the implosion of the housing market, that marketers that depend on its growth would uniformly cut back: And they did in the case of FT and HAT.

While consumers might purchase furniture and accents at any time, they tend to do so when moving into a new living space.  However, the textiles market is more of a “remodeling” market: Drapes, fabric for sofas, etc.  Look at Cygnus’ Qualified Remodeler: up almost 70% in ad pages in 2007 (an a relatively small, but still substantial base).

Reed business information gifts and furnishings ad page numbers

Note: JCK is Jeweler’s Circular Keystone, one of Reed’s bigger books, but more of a catalog than a magazine.

Reed Business Information Electronics Group Buoyed by Semiconductor International, TWICE

March 27, 2008

There are many stories that can be told with the Reed Business Information Electronics Group ad page chart (after the jump), but I think there’s one that’s most interesting.  I could talk about the growth of the consumer electronics industry or the growth of the CES show to a whopping 1.85 million net square feet of exhibit space (pushing both TWICE and – especially – TWICE CES Daily up).  I’d rather talk about the boon that Semiconductor International received from the contraction of its market and strategic partnership with the industry’s trade org. That and the chart after the jump.


Reed Hospitality Group Survives Challenged Year

March 26, 2008

On Monday we looked how two of Reed’s hospitality books fared against a smaller publisher’s challenge.  Ideal’s up-and-coming books did well in an off year for B2B ad pages, while Reed’s numbers sagged a bit.

(When we take a closer look at 2007’s ad page numbers, I suspect that’s what we’ll find: Larger publishers losing ground in print to smaller, more agile publishers.  At the same time, it’s the larger publishers that have the money to invest in digital and face-to-face initiatives and are making their growth numbers up there.)

Back to the matter at hand.  In a down year in print, Reed’s hospitality group held its ground (see chart after the jump).


Ideal Media’s Restaurant Business and Foodservice Director Make Strides Against Reed Business Competitors

March 24, 2008

I love ad page numbers. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them on the B2B side here at mag grab bag. First batch: Let’s look at one of my favorite groups — food.

I’ve been a big fan of Ideal Media’s food books, Restaurant Business and Foodservice Director since I was exposed to them in 2006. Both books went through major overhauls in 2006 and 2007 after several years of double-digit page declines. By 2006, the investment had paid off, with RB up 6.4% v. 2005 ad pages, and FD up 40.28%, admittedly on a much smaller base. Through the first three quarters of 2007, RB continued its rise, up 4.67% v. 2006; FD was even better, up 37.48% over the same period.

People talk a lot about the overall declines in ad pages in B2B media, but few people like to highlight the success stories, and there are many. In this case, the Ideal books were operating in a market that was shrinking in ad pages overall, and its books were losing pages faster than the market as a whole. The company decided to reinvest in the editorial and design of the books. RB feels more like Wired than a traditional B2B. The numbers speak for themselves.

Ideal Media v. Reed Business Information

The Ideal books have surpassed its Reed competitors (as it measures them). Ideal measures Reed’s Restaurants and Institutions and Chain Leader. In 2005, R&I and CL combined for 1,951.06 ad pages. In 2006, that number had shrunk by 22.66% to 1,508.89, still dwarfing Ideal’s 903.3 pages on the year between RB and FD. In 2007, however, the trend continued for RB and FD. Through the first three quarters, the Reed books declined 5.15% in ad pages (due to double-digit declines at CLR&I was up almost 2%), putting them on pace to end the year with about 1,431 ad pages. Meanwhile, Ideal books were up 17.99% in the first three quarters of 2007, putting them on pace to end the year at 1,065 or so ad pages.

Fast-forward to Jan/Feb 2008, and, according to our numbers, RB is up 21% through the first two months, while FD is up 18%, giving the two books a total of 155.09 pages on the year. Meanwhile, R&I is down 7% on the year, while CL is down 17% on the year, giving the two books a total of 152.24 pages on the year. Let’s see if Reed’s books can rebound and Ideal’s books can keep their torrid pace as 2008 progresses.

Later today/tomorrow, we’ll take a look at some of Reed’s books and their ad page numbers from 2007, starting with the Hospitality group.

All ad page numbers were provided by IMS/The Auditor using its syndicated counting methodology.

New York v. The New Yorker, 2008 Style

March 20, 2008

Today’s Ellie National Magazine Award nominations announcement once again favored those brothers from a different mother, the Adam Moss helmed New York Magazine, and David Remnick’s The New YorkerTNY, its mantle sagging under the collective weight of 23 Ellies under Remnick’s 10-year tenure, is up for a whopping 12 awards this year, while New York is up for nine.  This reminds me a bit of last year when New York was up for seven, winning five, while TNY was up for nine, winning none.  This year, TNY has a much better chance of improving on its 0-for performance in 2007: It is nominated in one category twice (reporting…40% chance ain’t bad odds), and it only faces the New York juggernaut three times (feature writing, columns & commentary, and review & criticism).

Prediction: I think Vanity Fair takes it in the 1,000,000-2,000,000 circ general excellence category (one of TNY‘s nominations), but I think TNY will rebound from 2007 with at least three wins.  New York will win in the online personal service category for Grub Street (quote me on that), and will also take home two more, for a total of three.


To Print Magazine, a long-time favorite, and now a book under the skilled control of my buddy David Nussbaum.  Print is up for general excellence in the under 100,000 circ category.  (Last year, I.D., a sister pub of Print’s over at F+W publishing, was up for the same award, but lost out to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.)

To Radar (3.0), for its first ever nomination (in the category of general excellence for circs 100,000-250,000).  This is a very tough category.  Radar, Paste, Foreign Policy…those are great books.  Last year, FP won.

To IEEE Spectrum, essentially a B2B, for breaking into the NMA in the category of single topic issue.

Maybe more on this later.