Christina Ricci Gets Cozy With Gotham at Le Cirque

Milena Govich of Law & Order, Christina Ricci, Donna Distephano

Nothing ain’t worth doing if you can’t throw a party to celebrate.  Niche Media may take this adage (made up by me) to the extreme, but in a way I like.  To celebrate its latest cover starlet (Christina Ricci), Gotham threw a little cocktail party at the wine bar at Le Cirque.  No Jason Binn riling the crowd into a celebrity-loving frenzy, but still fun anyway.  Ricci was patient with onlookers and journos.  I was too in awe of Wednesday Adams to bother her with inane, magazine-related questions.

But I did meet a man who, along with his dazzling wife, owns St. Germain, a French liqueur.  We had a drawn out conversation about the quality of cocktails and their general place in the American imagination.  We commented on how every time you clink your ice cubes against the side of your glass a new vodka is born.  And about party liquor sponsorship: It shouldn’t just be about free booze but about adding something to the ambiance of the party.  (Not sure I agree on that one…simply out of personal principle.)

Enjoy more pics after the jump.

Cristina Cuomo with Mauro, Sirio, and Marco Maccioni of Le Cirque

And here are some bonus Niche party pics from the celebrity-focused White House Correspondents’ Weekend:

Craig Ferugson and Jason Binn

The Dinner’s emcee, Craig Ferugson, and Jason Binn, Niche’s emcee.

A fancy Caddy

A fancy Cadillac.  Nice.  They sponsored.


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