Hamptons Kicks off the Season with Isabella Rossellini on a Cold, Rainy Night

Intimate Hamptons Magazine party at the Four Seasons

Magazines have parties for many reasons: high-profile new hires, closing an issue, redesign, holidays, etc, etc, etc. But it mostly boils down to publicity. Rare is the magazine that parties just to party, as rock and roll as this industry might seem. Aside from the usual (but usually tasteful) integrated sponsorship deals, both Gotham and Hamptons magazines fit that bill. Publicity and photos good for a page or two in the next issue are part of the bargain. But seeing Jason Binn work the crowd last night, seeing how he opens his home several weekends over the summer to Hamptonites young and old, you can tell he just wants everyone to have a good time. Maybe it’s the business, but that don’t bother me none. What in this world is worth doing if you can’t throw a party to celebrate it?

Thanks to Isabella Rossellini for gracing the cover of the magazine/making it all happen. And thanks to Ketel One for giving me new ideas for my upcoming appearance on the hit Japanese show, Crazy Extreme Drink Making Explosion!!! (The translation makes the show seem just about as intense as it really is. See the inspiration after the jump.)

Fun with cameras at Hamptons Magazine party at The Four Seasons

Ketel One ice luge

I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but each of these bottles is really an ice sculpture. Through each bottle snakes a plastic tube down which the bartenders poured the finished custom drinks. I had a white grape martini. Safe to say my second drink was a plain, old Ketel + tonic.


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