NHLer Sean Avery to Be a Vogue Intern

I love hockey. And I love magazines. In my sexy, sexy dreams, when these two are smashed together, it doesn’t exactly look like this.

This summer, after the NHL season is over, New York Rangers forward Sean Avery will become an intern for Vogue magazine. This is a guy who is known as the most hated man in the NHL. Partly because of his on-ice taunting, fighting, and all around dirty play. And maybe partly because after everyone hits the showers he walks off with actresses and models (not that other hockey players do so badly…).

Below, Sean Avery with Elisha Cuthbert.

Elisha Cuthbert and Sean Avery at some pleasant boondoggle together.

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One Response to “NHLer Sean Avery to Be a Vogue Intern”

  1. Update on Sean Avery/Vogue Intern Story « Says:

    […] Intern Story This might be a little late for all you sports fans, but since I reported on multimillionaire NHLer Sean Avery’s aspirations to become a Vogue intern when the season is over, a lot has happened. First, Avery’s team, The New York […]

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